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Eight Centenary Celebrations of Basava

The  Eight Centenary celebrations of Basavanna were observed from 26 December 1967 to 31 December 1968. For the celebrations the Government too formed an independent state level committee and cooperated with the Basava Samithi.

S. Nijalingappa was the president of the Government committee, while S.R. Kanthi and I were its Vice-Presidents. Under the joint auspices of the Basava Samiti and the state Government the Eight Centenary celebrations of Basavanna were observed at Basava Kalyan. Kudala Sangam, Solapur, Ulavi, New Delhi, Bangalore, Shimoga, Belgaum, Bagewadi and Bombay. In these celebrations the President and Vice-President of India, Chief Ministers, religious heads of maths and writers had participated. Dr. Zakir Hussain released the commemorative volume of the  Eight Centenary celebrations in Delhi.

Dr. Gokak released the book Basavaveshwara at Basava Kalyan. Thus several books were released by prominent individuals. Siddayya Puranik, the then Transport Commissioner, Alur Basappa and many others participated and rendered memorable service during the celebrations.

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