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Vachanas Of Women Saints

Vachanas Of Women Saints


Freedom of expression was one of the opportunities provided to women in the 12th century in Karnataka. This undid the age-old notion that it was only the privilage of men to learn to read and write. Women were debarred from entering the field of
literature which had been the man-dominated field and in which man reigned supreme. In the 12th century Sivasaranas admitted women into the Anubhava Mantapa where women could participate in the mystic discourses arranged there and
contribute substantially to spiritual discussions. Being thus encouraged to participate in the learned discourses of the highest order, women learnt to write down their mystic experiences in the form of Vacanas just as their male counterparts did.
Imagination staggers to think of the contribution of women in the literary field, since as many as 33 women participated in the unique literary movement which consisted in writing Vacana poetry in the language of the common people. The huge bulk of the Vacana poetry written by the women alone comprised more than one thousand Vacanas, which was no mean achievement by any standard.


  • Book specifications

    Language: English

    Author/Translator: Dr C R Yaravintelimath

    Binding: Hard Bound

    Publisher: Basava Samithi

    Publishing Date: 2006

    Edition: 1st

    Total Pages: 587

    Size: 1/8th Demmy


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