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The Poetry of G.M.Hopkins & Basavanna A Comparative Study

The Poetry of G.M.Hopkins & Basavanna A Comparative Study


Basavaraj Donur highlights the literary tropes and philosophical
profundity that could be observed in the literatures of the two
thinkers- Basavanna and Hopkins and takes us to a higher plane
of understanding, to demonstrate that they mutually illuminate
each other. The writings of Hopkins and Basavanna, though
unique to their social contexts, had a strange dialogue between
them. Donur exemplifies this operative dynamics between the
poets in a lucid and analytical manner. As a comparatist, Donur
has examined the “self-genesis” of literary phenomenon in the
context of Victorian England and 12th ‘century Karnataka.
Hopkins’ poetics of “inscape and instress” and Basavanna's
quasi-poetic vachana sahitya are emblematic of a literary
amalgam that had no precursors. Donur locates a “missing
intertextual link” across their works, establishes their place in the
context of World Literature by coordinating interliterary
mutuality between the two poet thinkers.

  • Book specifications

    ISBN: 9789392125263

    Language: English

    Author:/Translator: Prof Basavaraj P Donur

    Binding: Hard Bound

    Publisher: Basava Samithi

    Publishing Date: 2022

    Total Pages: 274

    Size  : 1/8 Demmy

    Weight :  300 gm

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