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Aroma Of Sharana Culture

Aroma Of Sharana Culture



Prof. B. Virupakshappa is a well known writer both
in Kannada and English on Sarana philosophy.
Vijnana Dasoha, Sarana Tatva Vivechane and
Sarana Dipike in Kannada, Allama Prabhu, Divine
revolution and Anubhav Mantapa in scientific
perspective in English are some of his outstanding
contributions to this field. The present book deals
with almost all aspects of Lingayatism such as its
history, philosophy metaphysis, mode of spiritual
practice, rituals and social structure evolved by
Basavanna in 12th century. Magnetic and multi
dimensional is personality of Basavanna has been
depicted beautifully here.

Lingayat or Sarana culture is a great culture to
which many spiritual luminaries like Allama Prabhu,
Chennabasavanna, Siddharama, Akkamahadevi and
several others have contributed in a great measure
which are mentioned here.

Sarana culture had a great impact on the lives of
people throughout the centuries and even today it
is playing vital role for bettering the human life.
The book covers this dimension also. It is hoped
that the readers especially the readers abroad will
be much benifited by this book.


  • Book specifications

    Language: English

    Author/Translator: Prof.B.Virupakshappa

    Binding: Hard Bound

    Publisher: Basava Samithi

    Publishing Date: 2016

    Edition: 1st

    Total Pages: 425

    Size: 1/8th Demmy

    Weight : 500 gm

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