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Since 1973 many important activities have been undertaken under the auspices of the Basava Samithi. Chief among them are the construction of the Anubhava mantap, the installation of the Anubhava mantap, the installation of the statue of Basavanna in Basavashrama, a hostel for working women, a free mobile hospital for the rural folk, the nursery school at Romahalli Basaveshwar Sangeet Vidyalay, a sewing training center for rural women, adding two storeys to the Basava Bhavan and many more activities. On the costly land 600 coconut trees and 600 lemon trees have been planted.


During the last 25 years many books have been published. Two journals Basava Patha in Kannada and the Basava Journals in English have been started, which carry articles of well known men, writers and research scholars.


The Basava Samithi has more than 3,000 life members from all the districts. There are also members from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, Delhi and Goa. Even in America and England there are members. The members belong to different religions and speak different languages. All members work in a spirit of fraternity and economic backwardness.

Some philanthropists have donated money in their names to the Samithi for scholarships to deserving students. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of students’ merit and economic backwardness.


In the Samithi a library has been opened in the name of Dr. B. Shivamurthy Shastri Dr. B. Shivamurthy Shastri and I have donated books to this library. I have gifted books worth about Rs. 45,000 to it.


On behalf of Basava Samithi literary works relating to the Shivasharanas, biographies and research works in all languages are kept in the Basava Sahitya Sadan.

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