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Important Personalities

  • The site required for the construction of the Basavaa Bhavan and Anubhava mantapa was granted by the former Chief Minister, S. Nijalingappa.

  • The late justice S.S. Malimath, late Justice D.N.Mallappa and advocate Annadanayya Puranik drafted the constitution of the Basava Samithhi.

  • The late Dr. D.C. Pavate helped in establishing the Basava Samithi and served it as the first Treasurer and Vice-President. Siddayya Puranik and G. Shivappa have succeeded him as Treasurers.

  • The distinguished persons who have served the Basava Samithi as Vice-Presidents are Ratnappanna Kumbar of Kolhapur, former Chief Minister, the late D. Devaraj Urs, the late Justice S.S. Malimath, Vishwanath Reddy Mudnal and Dr. Siddayya Puranik.

  • I, as president of the Basava Samithi Trust Board, K.M. Nanjappa, as Vice-President and Annadanayya Puranik as Chief Secretary have been serving the Samithi.

  • Advocate Annadanayya Puranik has been rendering commendable service as Honorary Chief Secretary of the Basava Samithi and the Trust Board for the last 25 years since the formation of the Basava Samithi. Despite the many impediments in his life, he has been doing his work selflessly without desiring any rewards. Alongwith his work as Chief Secretary he has also contributed some invaluable articles to the Basava Patha.

  • Dr. Siddayya Puanik has rendered invaluable service as Honorary Chief Editor of the Basava Journal and the Basava Patha and as Honorary Director of Reserarch and Publication Division. Under his direction several books have been published for the Basava Samithi. He has been responsible for the opening of the Treasure House of Manuscripts (Hasta prati Bhandar) and Basava Sahitya Sadan, Because of his dedicated efforts, today the publications and journals of the Basava Samithi enjoy the highest reputation. He is a well-known poet and a distinguished man of letters, and as such the literature that has been published by the Basava Samithi possesses a unique effulgence.

  • K.M. Nanjappa has provided timely loans of lakhs of rupees for the construction of the buildings of the Basava Samithi. Whenever the need arose he has helped by donating mikes, tape recorder, chairs, etc., costing thousands of rupees. In addition to this he has also served as Vice-President.

  • C.A. Jamakhandi math has rendered service as Honorary Secretary looking after the publications and programme of the Basava Samithi. In addition he was responsible for bringing out very good books during the Silver Jubilee Celebration. He is helping us in maintaining proper accounts of the Samithi.

  • The late T.N. Mallappa donated 434 books, the late B. Shivamurthy Shastri 5,994, and Dr. Siddayya Puranik 1,925. Now this library has about 20,000 invaluable volumes.

  • The late Y.K. Hebballi rendered noteworthy service as Secretary. Prabhu Chigateri is now serving as Joint Secretary.

  • At the time of the inception of the Basava Samithi parvatama of Madikere, Vishwanath Reddy Mudnal, C.R. Nirvanappa Shettar, S.M. Tippayya, the late Dharmarao Afzaipurkar, Kempa Honnayya, the late N.R.Soma shekararadhya and others had made special efforts to enroll life members.

  • The late Revanna and his wife, of Tumkur, have donated Rs. One lakh for the construction of the Anubhava mantap. The Jagadguru of Chitradurga donated rupees twenty five thousand for the construction of the Basava Bhavan.

  • T.S. Karibasayya rendered noteworthy service at the time of the construction of the buildings of the Basava Samithi and for propagating Basava principles. From the very beginning the late Shankarappa Shettar and the late Chenna Sommanna helped the Basava Samithi in various ways.

  • Prof. B. Virupaxappa as Chief Editor of the Basava Patha and the Basava Journal and Chandrika Puranik as Joint Editor have been devotedly discharging their duties.

  • Poojya Mahanta Swamiji, Sharanabasavappa Appa, Dr. M.C. Modi, I.M. Magdum, R.V.Bidap, B.C. Angadi have been  working  as members of the Trust Committee.

  • B.C. Angadi as a member of the Building Committee took special pains for the construction of the third and fourth floors of the Basava Bhavan and the construction of the working women’s hostel of the Basava ashram.

  • N.M.K. Sogi, Renuka Prasad and many others have substantially helped directly and indirectly in the development of the Basava Samithi.

  • The dedicated work of the Staff of the Basava Samithi needs special mention. V. Revanna, Shakarappa who worked devotedly for many years and S.S. Patil who served as Administrator for seven or eight year need special mention. Veerabhadrappa has been functioning as Accountant for the last seven or eight years. V.S. Basavalingappa is now functioning as the Administrator. “

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