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Basava Bhavana

On Bangalore high grounds the Government leased out 4,299 square feet for 99 years on annual rent to Basava Samithi.

For planning the Basava Bhavan building on that site a sub-committee was formed under my presidentship. The blueprints of the building prepared by Sadanand were accepted by the Basava Samithi in February 1969. The four-storeyed building of the Basava Bhavan was built  at a cost of Rs. 13,00,000.

The foundation-stone was laid by His holiness Mallikarjuna Swamiji, the Jagadguru of Chitradurga. The construction of this building was completed in 1971. The Jagadguru had donated Rs. 25,000 for it. The funds for its construction came from a loan from the Vysya Bank.

The building of the Anubhava mantap was constructed at Basava Kalyan.


Under Government order No. R.D. 149 on 19 August 1968 about 110 acres of fallow land was obtained from the Government for establishing educational institutions, a hospital, Kayak Vidya Peetha. The womenfolk financed the purchase of this land.


During the period 1968 to 1972 a number of books were published. The Basava Samithi Trust was founded on 29 April 1972 and registered. It had six permanent Honorary Trustees and six elected Trustees.

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