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Fruitful Results Of Pilgrimage On Foot

Under the auspices of the Basava Samithi on 1st April 1966, a pilgrimage on foot from Hampi to Basava Kalyan was undertaken. The details of this pilgrimage had been chalked out by Vishwanath Reddy Mudnal and his colleagues, who also made all the arrangements. We travelled on foot five miles in the morning and five miles in the evening everyday and completed the pilgrimage to Basava Kalyan in 21 days.

After finishing the worship in the Virupaksha temple at Hampi, the foundation-stone of Proudhadeva Raya mantap was laid by the then Chief Minister, S. Nijalingappa, at the site the Samithi had purchased for the purpose. This function took place in the holy presence of Chitradurga Jagadguru Mallikarjuna Swamiji. All through the route of the pilgrimage on foot there was singing of devotional and folk songs and religious discourses, and lectures were arranged. During the pilgrimage the Basava Bhandar (treasury) was kept in a lorry.

To that treasury the devotees of Basavanna would donate money and presents according to their capacity. During this pilgrimage the amount collected through membership fees and donations to the treasury came to rupees 1,59,382. In this holy pilgrimage Shivakumara Swamiji of Sarpabhushan Math, Vishwanath Reddy, Nijaguna Swamiji, I and many important individuals and hundreds of persons took part. Vishwanath Reddy Mudnal had particularly taken great pains to made it a success. Siddharamapa Khuba had given us a lorry to take the Basava Bhandra (treasury) with us. L.G. Hombal donated the Basava bhandar (treasury). This treasury is now kept in the temple at Basava Kalyan.

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