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Gospel of Basavanna

Gospel of Basavanna


Those who have money build 
Temples to Siva: what can build ? 

A poor man, Lord, am I! 
My body is the shrine, 
Its pillars are my legs,

The galden pinnacle, my head.

. Hear me, Kudala Sangama Lord, iF
There is destruction For what stands,
But not for that which moves !*



  • Book specifications

    Language: English

    Author/Translator: Shri V.C.Yagati & Dr.S.R.Gunjal

    Binding: Hard Bound

    Publisher: Basava Samithi

    Publishing Date: 2007

    Edition: 1st

    Total Pages: 442

    Size: 1/8th Demmy

    Weight : 550 gm

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